Millennials are a diverse group with various needs and desires, and many are searching for their first home. Dale Carnegie’s strategies have been used for over 100 years, and his AICDC sales strategy can be added to your toolbox as some new ideas and to freshen up your marketing plan.

  1. Attention: Social media is where it’s at, but original, consistent content is a must. Whether you post on one platform or post on them all, sharing posts your clients find useful and full of information is a great way to get noticed.
  2. Interest: Millennials most likely start their search on the internet so share your expertise. It’s possible that too much information isn’t a thing when it comes to buying a home so share the details. Creating informative content gives potential buyers the essential answers they are looking for.
  3. Conviction: 93% of Millennials rely on consumer reviews before purchasing. Ask for reviews from current clients when they are with you and satisfied with your services. Scanning QR codes or providing devices for easy access to review sites helps your reviews remain current.
  4. Desire: Interest can be piqued when the happy life homebuyers want to lead can be seen through stunning pictures and captivating videos featuring future dream homes. Post closing pictures or pics of new homeowners at their new property!
  5. Close: Make it as easy as possible for homebuyers to sign on with you and start the homebuying process quickly. Your clients will recognize the extra effort, and successful closings often lead to referrals.

While the real estate market is constantly evolving, using these proven strategies will always be valid when reaching Millennials and any other demographic you desire.