Your safety is priority #1 around here. September is REALTOR® Safety Month, and we are debunking myths that may surprise you.

  • The office is a safer environment when meeting with prospects. Relying solely on meetings at the office doesn’t ensure complete safety. Criminals out to commit a crime will do it wherever and whenever. Consider requesting IDs and mortgage approval letters before meeting face-to-face.
  • Support first. Security everywhere. Safety always. Safety is essential, and criminals are on the move. Remain vigilant. Screening processes and intuition should preside over judgments regarding ‘good’ and ‘bad areas’ made in advance.
  • App protection is key. Technology aids safety, but solely relying on apps can be risky. A comprehensive security plan, through a layered approach, allows you to navigate your responsibilities safely.

We encourage you to be proactive with your plans. After all, safety should always be top of mind for you…just like you are top of mind to us!