It’s time to relax, rest and reality! 

Maybe you don’t get much downtime, but how do you spend your time when you do? If you want to binge-watch reality TV, check out these three real estate shows on Netflix.

Marriage or Mortgage

Watch as wedding planner Sarah and real estate agent Nichole battle it out to persuade homebuyers to have their dream wedding or buy a home. It’s full of fun and some tough decisions now and then.

Tiny House Nation

Hosts John and Zack check out tiny homes and help families decide whether their grand piano is important in 500 square feet. With a lot of downsizing and support, this one is full of challenges and ideas.

The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

From igloos in Finland to treehouses with alpacas, these hosts and this show share great places worldwide and may satisfy the travel bug on a budget or help you make the jump to buy the tickets. 

All these shows provide an insightful look into different corners of our industry. So grab your favorite snack, put your feet up and start watching.