Like a boss, top of the game, #winningatlife…homebuying is a race we want everyone to win. To be successful, your buyers need a pit crew of professionals to ensure they make it to the winner’s circle. Share this quick list with them so they don’t get off track.

  1. Determine Your Budget
  2. Find Your Home
  3. Select Your Title Insurance Company and Closing Agent
  4. Review Closing Documents
  5. Buy with Confidence
  6. Select Your Lender
  7. Secure Your Offer
  8. Get Title Insurance
  9. Sign Closing Documents and Transfer Funds
  10. Receive Your Owner’s Title Insurance Policy

Whether it’s the Indy 500 or the soapbox derby down the road, the trophy is a smooth walk across a new-to-them welcome mat, and we are here for them and you! Also, if you are an America Land Title Association member and aren’t utilizing their resources, click here. You can add your logo and other customization, as well.