A BIG thank you to those of you who already responded to Gina’s recent callout for volunteers. The Southeast Land Title Association can give all of us more because we have so many engaged members. And if you still want to volunteer, we certainly have a place for you!

Speaking of gratefulness, we all know real estate is about saying thank you – showing appreciation to customers and your Realtor and lender friends too. However, SLTA wants to make sure that you add one more group to that gratitude list: Your employees and colleagues.

There’s been a lot of chatter over the last few years about the importance of company values and building a strong internal culture. ALTA did a whole campaign on values, and did you know that many workers say they value a kind boss over extra money? Regardless if you’re the boss or not – but especially if you’re an office leader – saying thank you may be the pick-me-up that jump starts your team right into spring.

Here are three ways to show internal gratitude:

  • Leave a compliment for your fellow employees. Make it a group project and put a small basket on everyone’s desk and encourage others to drop in notes as well. You can even keep it anonymous if you’d like.
  • Remember to pass customer compliments to the entire team. And if you can, celebrate the win in a tangible way. We suggest bringing in lunch or a favorite sweet treat. You can even share the good news in the group setting for an extra celebration point.
  • Take time to give a team member a thank-you gift for working in overdrive. While working hard is part of job, it’s nice for extra effort to be recognized from time to time.